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Anyone can experience challenges and difficulties throughout their lives; afterall life is unpredictable.   
When this happens it can be useful to have someone independent to talk to, to use as a sounding board  and ultimately to help you to find your way again. Whether that be through listening to your story so that you can develop more clarity and a new perspective on what’s going on for you, helping you to reframe how your think and view things or simply being there for you in a non-judgemental way so that you can talk about whatever you need to, counselling or hypnotherapy may be able to help.
As an integrative counsellor who has experience working with children, young people and adults, I am able to use a number of therapeutic approaches that may be able to support you through whatever difficulties you may be experiencing.  Issues I may be able to help you with include:
•  Abuse
•  Addiction
•  Anxiety
•  Bereavement
•  Behavioural Problems
•  Bipolar Disorder
•  Bullying
•  Depression
•  Eating Disorders
•  Exam Stress
•  Pain Management
•  Panic Disorder
•  Phobias
•  Procrastination
•  Relationship Problems
•  Self Confidence
•  Self Esteem Issues
•  Self Harm
•  Stress
I am currently working face to face from my home in Chesham and online via zoom or skype.
I offer sessions from 10am to 8pm on weekdays and from 11am to 4pm on Saturdays.
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