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The Mindful Mouse Stories are created from the wonderful imagination of my nephew Cormac, who is 8 years old.  Each story is accompanied by a mindfulness based exercise.  The PDF of the current story is downloadable below.  For back issues please email me using the link above.

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By Cormac McCaughey, aged 7

A New Mindful Mouse Story


Once upon a time, in a land far away lived a little mouse called Dan. Dan was only 4 he was about to start a new school and he was REALLY, REALLY worried because he was afraid everyone wouldn’t like him.


One day he was walking through the woods when he seen a little, small hole at the bottom of a tree.  He walked over to the hole, crawled through and felt really safe.  In this safe space Dan could think about his worries, he started thinking maybe he was wrong about people not liking him, maybe everyone would like.  Dan had discovered his ‘stop and think corner’ where each day he could cut down his worries by getting mindful and curious about them, imagining he was chopping them down like he would a tree with an axe.  


Dan finding his ‘stop and think corner’ helped him think about things in a different way.  His worries were’t real after all and when he went to school instead of his fear about no one liking him he found everyone liked him after all.

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